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Inoculate the Non-Political

Everyone who has been paying attention knows that certain "news" organizations are acting as government propaganda arms. We also know that Harper has an underlying ideology that are visible through the policies and actions of his government. The problem is that many people are blind to these things.

The simple answer is to help the non-political see these things. As a regular member of society they will need to be provided some relatively benign material so they don't dismiss is as coming from crazy radicals. This material must effectively demonstrates a particular important concept and drive discussion. This, in a nutshell, is my first active initiative.

Take Action

We all love to tweet our angst day and night. It's easy to tweet. We can sit comfortably on our couches and hope someone else will take up our call. Tweeting alone is not enough. While many or most of us already have jobs, families and obligations there are still ways to take action or support those taking action. In particular, I think we should fund issue specific organizations created with the sole purpose to shine a light on certain types of activities that make it more difficult to Canadians to express their political will.

Divide and Conquer

The conservatives are in power, with a majority no less, because of the fact that 60% opposition to their policies was split between two parties. Perhaps we should consider proportional representation in order to divide power based on citizens views. In today's political climate it is problematic to have a system that awards an arbitrary party a boatload of undeserved power.

Death of the Liberal Class

This is a powerful book. While portions are meandering it is absolutely vital to show people how dissenting views have been stamped out by explicit government and corporate action. We need to change the discussion towards the evils of abuse of power instead of simple anti-government rhetoric. Government isn't the problem its the corruption that is the problem.

Contact Me

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