This page will group together posts of note within various themes... the first of which is the hall of shame.

Election Reform

What we really need is a temporary progressive coalition. This will take power away from the conservatives and stop them from getting control of the house with a minority of public support.

Is there an easy way to achieve proportional democratic representation? We can keep a two house system in order to maintain the best part of our current system.

Hall of Shame

Why are conservative operatives spouting propaganda? To find a way around the rampant opposition to government supported proposals.

Why are these same operatives given a voice on a public news network? Because conservatives know that riling the public with propaganda and bigotry suits their purposes.

Why does Canada have a director of climate change? To ensure that voices speaking against climate change are not effectively heard.

Why is Canada now misleading it's allies? As a country we need to understand that our good reputation is the most valuable asset we have when it comes to world affairs.