Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Canada: It's Worse Than I Thought

Recently I was writing an article about Stephen Harper and how his previous actions imply his future behavior towards First Nations.  However, accumulating background information for this suggests that things may be worse than I thought.

I am going to simply present a list of articles, in no particular order, with minimal annotation in the hopes that you, the reader, will take the time to sift through things and make up your own mind.

Election Problems

Former Tory MP's Speak Out Against Campaign Financing
Conservative Pleads Guilty to Election Overspending
Study of Misleading Calls in 41st Election
Top Strategist Provides False Leak to Sun Media [election issue]

Media and Communications

Tory Insider Furious After Sun Debacle [close ties to Sun Media]
Canadian Government Muzzling its Scientists
Scientists Escorted by Handlers During Polar Conference
Harper Tightens Grip on Media Message Control

Harper Governments

PM Abuses Prorogation
House Falls in Contempt of Parliament
Access to RCMP Controlled by Minister
Former Harper Aide Charged With Influence Peddling
Emails Contradict MacKay's Explanation for Chopper Request
Drunk Driving Charges Dropped Due to Tory Connections
Radicals Working Against Oil Sands says Ottawa
Gazebos and the Governing Morality
F-35: A Case in Deficient Decision Making

Environmental Issues

Canada Cuts Environment Spending
Stephen Harper Faces Revolt by Scientists
A Bleak Year for Environmental Policy
Budget Gives Cabinet Free Hand on Environmental Assessments
Environmentalists Decry Changes to Navigable Waters Law
Federal Documents Spark Outcry by Oil Sands Critics
Energy Industry Letter Drives Environmental Law

Aboriginal Affairs

The Man Behind Stephen Harper, Tom Flanagan
Cabinet Mulls Massive Chinese Arctic Resource Project

So, as you can see, the Harper team cheats during elections. They work to contain scientists and control the general media. As a government they have no respect for Parliament, laws or even citizens who they declared to be radicals for daring to have their own opinions about the best path for Canada.

If you have done any reading you know a bit about Harper's background. It seems pretty clear, especially being so close to Tom Flanagan, that Harper is anxious to redress the West's anger over the National Energy Policy of a bygone era and to stampede over the objections of environmentalists and First Nations both of whom his government considers enemies or radicals depending on which statements you view.

I also have to point to a few locations on my blog, which are admittedly lesser by way of journalistic tradition, but do highlight ties between so-called grassroots organizations, Ezra Levant, the CPC and of course our government:

Ethical Oil: Domestic Puppets
Canada II: Link Library

And, as well, one recent post and a bonus link:

AAND and First Nations Under Harper
Stephen Harper's Ministry of Truth

The fact that the CPC operates in concert with astroturf (faux grassroots) organizations, appears to coordinate with Ezra Levant (on Sun News) regularly and has goons monitoring/participating in social media strongly suggests that we are on the receiving end of a continuous propaganda campaign.

All of which is unconscionable.


  1. Canada II will be without Quebec...soon. And Maybe other provinces will follow.

  2. Personally, I'd rather we just got rid of Harper, but I don't seem to have much say in the matter.

  3. These things are all true, and they are a problem.

  4. Proposal for a New Canada will solve problems among English, French and Aboriginal Peoples.