Friday, January 4, 2013

IdleNoMore: A Short History

Today the Harper Regime capitulated to the request by #idlenomore and First Nations to meet. This seems like a big win but I can only look at this with skepticism.

Now that the pressure is off of Harper there is every danger that public interest will flag -- that ongoing work to discredit #idlenomore by attacking messengers instead of the message will find a way to sour interest.

Any public disagreements between leaders and grass roots movements will be give intense scrutiny. Now is the time to ramp up activity and have an even bigger show of solidarity and support before the meeting takes place on January 11th.

Here are some recent, and less recent, actions in the #idlenomore saga:
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We've created a small opening. Now is the time to seize advantage of that opening before Harper and his minions can find a way to shut it again without awakening the public ire. Now that you've gotten hold of the public view do not lose it. Do not let it go. Once the energy dissipates it is much harder to regain it.

Please note, I am of European descent but I fully support that Canada has recognized treaty obligations and that we must stand by them.

UPDATE: Almost forgot, I plan to take part in the #idlenomorefast taking place tomorrow.

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