Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Harper vs First Nations

The following article, in a nutshell, provides the basis for all of Harper's actions with regards to First Nations. He does not believe they should be able to stand in the way of so-called "progress" for Canada.  He also believes, being of the religious right, that the Earth is for us to plunder at will.

We've seen comments from him in the past pointing in this direction. We've seen actions taken to "streamline" approval processes before.  We know where this is going.

Personally, I'm not against economic progress, but I am against the headlong rush to do things. We don't need to crush the concept of First Nations just because they stand in the way of financial gain. Sure, we can make life miserable on reservations and then offer them jobs destroying the land.  What a bargain that is for people who live off the land.

What an asshole Harper is.

Why does the right hide behind words like freedom and then make choices for everyone else? They impose their view of how things should be all the while trumpeting how they are enhancing freedom. I don't want to be free to live in mean-spirited squalor.

I like having a society. I like everyone receiving a decent education. I like it when consenting adults can do whatever they like as long as they aren't hurting someone else.  I decry commerce without regulation. I decry disregard for environmental issues. I decry the apparent goal of changing the nature of the First Nations whether they are willing or not.

This is not in the will of the majority of Canadians. We've been hijacked by a minority interest and a split vote. This is the most important issue on the plate. We must fix the disconnect between the will of the majority and the actions of government. We must fix this while we still can.

After we fix our government representation problem we can spend decades working to undo the crap Harper has been foisting on us, and the world, since his surprising brown-streaked arrival on the seat of power.

Oh Canada, I miss you.

Update: Some background information concerning Harper government actions... via UBCIC (courtesy of a tweet from @deepgreendesign).

Update: Perhaps worthy of a new blog post... wouldn't "steward of the land" views fall under freedom of religion? Aren't non-political conservatives sensitive to religious persecution?

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