Monday, December 31, 2012

Republican Party of Canada?

Should they really be thought of as the Conservative Party of Canada? I don't think so. Let's inject a little bit of honesty into the political arena because it is otherwise so strikingly absent.

What we have here is the Republican Party of Canada.

A few things that make this so...
  • Complete disregard for environmental issues.
  • Secretive and my-way-or-the-highway administration.
  • Antipathy towards First Nations -- otherness, immigrants, etc.
  • Electoral shenanigans involving voter disrespect.
  • Policy lip-lock with US Republican playbook.
  • Despicable shills such as Ezra in the "Rush Limbaugh" role.
  • Media influence and outright funding threats.
As we've seen in the USA lately the conservative movement is getting a little bit off the rails (otherwise known as bat-shit crazy). Something for us to look forward to as this administration continues to season itself with power.

What we need is a system of proportional representation that does not eliminate the concept of local ridings. Seriously, that we have to be lead around by a group with the support of a clear minority of the public is a major flaw.

A democracy is not about minority rule. What we have here is the Republican Party of Canada ruling in an undemocratic environment.

When I think about it I am at a loss for words.

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