Friday, January 13, 2012

Ethical Oil: Domestic Puppets

It turns out that Ethical Oil and Our Decision are really domestic puppets. First, let's check out Kathryn Marshall on CBC's Power and Politics to defend her groups claims about environmental groups (go to 4:43 to get to the point quickly):

Now, as you know I've been stating that it's obvious that Ethical Decision (really, why pretend they are truly different organizations) is a government shill wrapped in the pretense of being a grass-roots organization.  If you were paying attention a few weeks ago you would have seen clear synchronization between Harper, key players, and the Ethical Decision team.

While it was originally obvious, the clip above starting around the 4:43 point really drove home how much of an attack dog front group this was.  However, additional stunning evidence has come to light.  It turns out spokesperson Kathryn Marshall, whom I refer to as The Drivelist, is married to one Haimish Marshall. So what right?
Haimish I Marshall, Chief Research Office, Abingdon
Before Angus Reid, Marshall was the Manager of Strategic Planning in the Office of Prime Minister Stephen Harper where he oversaw the quantitative and qualitative research efforts of the central agencies of the federal government... He is married to Kathryn.
Now, I realize that some heavy kool-aid drinkers will never be convinced, but the coordination with the Harper government, the rampant propaganda and spin used by Ethical Decision, and last but not least the direct ties to Harper's office drives the last nail into the coffin of doubt. More about radical conservative activist Haimish Marshall from blog Conservative Home:
After working on the successful national Conservative campaign in 2006, he served as the Manager of Strategic Planning in the Office of Prime Minister Stephen Harper until September 2007. He is a well known strategist and activist trainer within Conservative circles.
I think the proposed pipeline may be Harper's Moby Dick. He'll ride this whale to damnation for himself and his party. Yippee-Ki-Yay Motherfucker! Enjoy the ride...


The twitterverse is really tearing this apart. Check out the following pictures from @stephenlautens posted originally on twitter:

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UPDATED: Link to YouTube video was no longer working. Changed to use direct link to CBC's video archive.

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