Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Brilliance of Ethical Oil

Yes, I said it, the whole concept is brilliant.

This is a fantastic way to change the debate to an issue that doesn't really matter. Has anyone seriously thought that we would not be able to sell our oil?

Come on.  This is much ado about nothing. Actually, I'm sure the outrage has more to do with the fact the claim is based on the carbon footprint reasoning than anything else.
Oilsands PR Battle goes after Chaquita Bananas
Chiquita spokesman Ed Loyd characterized the campaign to boycott his company's products as "misinformation." He told the Star on Monday that his company is by no means boycotting Canadian oil, but merely asking transportation carriers to use fuel from sources that have a lower carbon footprint than the oil sands. "That does not exclude Canadian fuel. There is a significant amount of Canadian fuel that does not have any oilsands in it," he said.
As for me, I'm buying all the Chaquita I can get my hands on.

On a more serious note this feels like a Rovian Reversal... taking a possible negative and marketing it in a new way as a positive. Gobble it up sheeples!

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