Friday, December 30, 2011

Defending Parliament Hill

While I lean liberal I certainly won't bemoan the government spending a few million to help protect the parliament buildings from being blown up.

Millions Planned for Parliament Hill Barriers
The Conservative government is planning to spend almost $8.6 million on barricades to further limit vehicle access to Parliament Hill.

The proposal makes no direct mention as to why the barriers are needed, but it appears to be for security reasons.

"All bollard systems must be supplied and installed to meet significant physical impact loads," the proposal states.

The project is a component of Public Works and the Parliamentary Partners’ Long Term Vision and Plan for the Parliamentary Precinct, a strategy to rehabilitate the heritage buildings that make up Parliament Hill and to build more structures.

Within the plan, security is also a main theme.

"Security of parliamentarians and the buildings and grounds on Parliament Hill is a core element of the LTVP," the proposal says.

The documents show Public Works is currently seeking bids to design "barriers (ie) bollards, at all Parliament Hill vehicle and pedestrian entry points, while respecting the heritage characteristics of the Hill and maintaining a public atmosphere."

The barriers are to be in the form of bollards, or short vertical posts, some of which will be fixed and some retractable.

They must be designed to suit the heritage characteristics of the Parliament buildings and avoid impeding the welcoming mood of the national historic site, the proposal states.
Sounds like a good plan to me!

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