Friday, December 30, 2011

Harassing the Innocent

The National Post thinks we should find ways to track people using social media to post about public police activities.
Don’t Help Drunk Drivers Get Away With It
But for those who insist on deliberately interfering with police officers as they work to keep our roads safe for all citizens, we encourage governments to devise appropriate legal sanctions, which could include heavy fines and potentially court-ordered Internet-usage restrictions, for anyone who can be proven to have acted in such a manner.
We seriously need to change the mindset of people asking for new laws.

We need to find ways to inconvenience and penalize the criminals.  Instead, below limit penalties and random sweeps are ways to make the innocent bear the burden of law enforcement.  It's a policy that is backwards.

Stop annoying the law abiding... if you treat us like criminals perhaps we'll develop the same attitudes they have towards the law.  If this happens the "public good" suggested as the reason to allow random sweeps is likely to be outweighed by the "public bad" of an increasingly disrespectful populace.

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