Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Nature of Democratic Capitalism

Given the events of recent years the questions concerning democratic capitalism are not whether or not it can be horribly abused but instead what can be done to fix its fatal flaws.

How do we protect the public interest when profit and greed are not aligned with the good of the public?

How do we counteract the corruption that develops when those with resources are given undue access to the creation of public policy?

How do we protect ourselves from undue dependence on external entities while retaining the benefits of internationally integrated economies?

How do we balance the ever growing need for stewardship of public interests with the limited fiscal resources currently available?

These are the issues that are at the heart of much of today's political posturing in Canada and elsewhere.  To this I would add one more question.

How do we ensure that people are able to see past the political posturing and resonant talking points and give careful consideration to the underlying factors -- where the important issues are hidden from casual view?

Bonus reading... learn how to see past the political claptrap.

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