Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Political Truth

Have you ever noticed how partisan politicians often ascribe their motives to others?

I'm starting to piece a few things together. Have you seen the ridiculous ethical oil and our decision sites?  Have you read my last blog post about our Deputy Director of Climate Change?

Let me tell you what this most likely means.

The Harper government is beholden to big oil. This means the Harper government is beholding to foreign interests. This is why they are fighting so hard for the oil sands, for pipelines, and this is why their operatives went straight for the "foreign interests" angle with respect to environment group funding of advertising.

We need somebody who knows the truth to come forward! We need serious investigative journalism or someone from inside the government with some guts to stand for real ethics. Your money, your party, and your ideals are not what ethics entail. Ethics are about what is right for people and the world.

Someone out there knows... even if only the deputy director in charge of (promoting) climate change. These secrets will not last -- be the first to come clean and salvage your soul and potentially your career if you have not already been directly complicit.

Also, if you aren't fully aware of how corporations are corrupting governments, please see Awakening.

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