Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ethical Oil: Ties That Bind

There is a good article on HuffPo today that details the links between the Harper government and the Ethical Oil propaganda group.  Take a look at the following chart:

Of course, you know I have suspicions concerning where the money is coming from and going to. Finally, if you aren't aware of the work done to debunk the Ethical Oil crew yet then take a look... see the links at the bottom of the article for hours of fun.

This type of network of involvement shouldn't even be suggested, much less exist, in a government attempting to appear like it is operating above the board.

Wait, it's not over yet, check out this blatant example of corporate interests interfering in the interests of those governed by a corrupt government (from the GCN):

Of course, don't forget to go visit HuffPo and the GCN.

Finally, if you haven't heard it from me before, please go look into how corporate influence subverts the will and well-being of the general public.  And, once again, especially with big money lobbyists in the mix, go look at my concerns versus funding shenanigans.

Wake up, before what you think of Canada is all gone.

Well, what do you know, within minutes of posting this I see the following traffic...

The IP address and time have been blocked out to protect the (potentially) innocent. Who knows, maybe there is a hidden Liberal hiding out up there cheering us on...

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