Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why a National Energy Strategy?

This answer to this question is simple. So that either BC can be forced to accept a pipeline, the government of BC can be given a means of avoiding blame, or most likely provide a means of funneling enough money around to ensure public opinion is ignored.
Northern Gateway: A Tale of Two Provinces
But B.C.’s political class, in a province with a more powerful tradition of populist politics and environmental activism, is more wary of the proposal to build a bitumen pipeline from just outside Edmonton to Kitimat on the B.C. northern coast. 
In fact, as the debate over the Northern Gateway project shifts into high gear, all levels of government, as well as Enbridge itself, are wrestling with a major dilemma: How to convince British Columbians that there is enough economic reward to offset environmental risks.
Why do I think this?

I think this due to government spin and propaganda that has already started to build -- such as the bogus Chaquita boycott.  Also, if you've been on Twitter recently perhaps you've seen how blatant the links are between government, Ethical Oil and Our Decision.

If you don't know what I'm referring to when I mention a national energy strategy here is an article on the Calgary Herald.

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