Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dickwad Politicians Cry About Mean Tweets

Funny, I thought those in public office were used to dealing with amateur commentary.
Fantino tirade targets 'slanderous' Twitter users
"Recently, I had the occasion to peruse a number of so-called tweets between a number of users, whose communications back and forth included the most flagrant defamatory reference to local community-spirited individuals whom I personally know to be decent, ethical and truly honorable people," he wrote.

"All of which caused me to think that the authors of those communications must naively believe that the Internet gives them protection from the reaches of legal consequences, that communications over the Internet are somehow protected by the notion of freedom of speech or that their anonymity is guaranteed."
I don't know about you, but I'm not about to change my tweeting style because of some sanctimonious ass.  This is double true when said ass'es government is working with transparently flagrant propaganda groups attempting to influence public opinion.

Frankly, after Tony Clements screw-up on twitter and Joe Oliver's rant about decent, ethical and truly honorable people, I can only hope said dickwad is planning on chasing down government operatives abusing citizens and taxpayers in this manner.

However, I suspect that this is more likely a sly attempt to scare some people away from saying negative things about incompetent, greedy and unethical politicians who aren't worthy of being human seat warmers for the positions of power they occupy.

The whole thing would be hilarious if it wasn't such a clown act.

Frankly, I do actually assume that except for certain types of statements towards non-public figures that I am protected by free speech. Does Canada no longer allow free speech? Inquiring citizens want to know.

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