Monday, January 16, 2012

Unethical Oil: Questions of Fraud?

Given that folks associated with Ethical Oil have been attempting to drive public opinion via use of propaganda we are left to wonder what other ethical lapses might they have.

The following image shows a capital management company searching for the post office box known to be or have been used to accept donations for both Ethical Oil and Tony Clement:

[ Please read the links provided above. Without the background information the following questions will be somewhat out of context. ]

Of course this doesn't prove anything, and the company shall remain nameless unless requested by appropriate authorities, but the crack team at Canada II does have some questions:

1) Fiduciary Responsibility?

The company in question provides resources for creating and managing international financial structures in order to deal with tax planning, estate planning and asset protection. They have a highly qualified team that provides multi-jurisdictional help involving law, taxes, and accounting who can help a group meet all reporting requirements.

2) Asset Management?

According to the company web site successful achievement of a client's goals depends on a customized wealth management plan.  The company in question provides high net worth clients a variety of asset classes diversified across multiple currencies and countries. Clients have tools to manage their affairs wherever they are in the world.

3) Why Check for the PO Box?

Personal curiosity of an employee within the company? Worried about having a client being pressured via Internet exposure? Worried about the implications of looking after the affairs of a client that may soon be involved in a scandal?

4) Who's Sending Money?

Donations from ordinary citizens for ordinary purposes at the very least. Donations for Tony Clement. Donations for Ethical Oil. Other donations? Donations from oil companies? Donations from Chinese companies?

5) Who Set Up the Accounts?

Was it Ezra Levant? Was it Ethical Oil? Was it a large foreign controlled corporation (the concept of projection on the part of Ethical Oil members would tend to favor this)?

6) What is the Scope?

Are we talking thousands of dollars? Probably more if it requires asset management. Hundreds of thousands? Millions?

7) How Many Groups Are Involved?

We believe that there are direct ties between Ethical Oil and politicians. Not often do politicians secretly get into bed with other organizations if there is no money involved. What people are involved and what is their level of responsibility in or what influence do they have on our government? We have seen that Joe Oliver, Stephen Harper and other high level politicians were very quick to jump on the Ethical Oil, Chaquita Banana and Foreign Influence bandwagons.

8) Is Everything Legal?

Well, the appearance of a scandal in the making doesn't mean that there is a scandal. However, it might be best if Ethical Oil and Tony Clement opened up some books for examination otherwise the public may be forced to come to it's own conclusions.

NOTE: Obviously, this is all speculation and questions. Something smells. It is completely possible (even likely) that the smell emanating from Ethical Oil and certain political operatives has absolutely nothing to do with the company in question. Given how embarrassing it might be for Canada we truly hope that there is nothing untoward going on... but there is a loose thread and it's our responsibility to see where it leads.


Hey, isn't there some missing money floating around somewhere? Didn't we have some surprising unexplained cost overruns? Where did your tax money go? Aren't questions great?

Hey, wouldn't it make sense to throw a chunk of money somewhere and then use it to drive an agenda? Would it make sense that people with a demonstrated lack of ethics would be the ones doing such a thing? Would it make sense that everyone swirling around the whirlpool would be sharing web sites, involvement in its initiatives, and so on?

We love questions!

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