Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Are These Joe Oliver's Radical Environmentalists?

Read the testimony of First Nations chiefs as they talk about their stewardship of and relationship with their lands.
No oil pipeline here: Enbridge Northern Gateway...
Chief Alfonse Gagnon told how, when Enbridge first proposed the pipeline, the Wet'suwet'en researched the oil sands. They flew over the oil sands and talked to the Fort Chippewa people. "We seen the devastation sitting there at oil sands," he said. "Those big berms by the Athabasca River. We looked at the effects on the people that are living in the area. Their water was poisoned and they were getting strange cancers. It was devastating to our ears. The Athabasca delta produced everything in their life: muskrat, beavers, ducks, provided everything they needed. It was hard to listen to the answers to our questions. I asked, "What is your biggest fear if they keep producing oil sands above you?" They answered, "Our biggest fear is that we will be relocated."
Do yourself a favor and read the article, it's moving.

In case you didn't notice Joe Oliver's rant... you can read it on the Natural Resources Canada web site.

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