Monday, January 2, 2012

Freedom OF and Freedom FROM Religion

I don't really mind what other people choose to believe.

Honestly, I don't expect them to believe the same as me and they certainly don't have to come read my thoughts of they don't wish to. But the following does not seem a good idea:
Baird defends religious freedom office from critics
Baird has high hopes for the Office of Religious Freedom, even though it will come with a modest $5-million price tag.


Neve said religious freedom can have a "contentious relationship" with other crucial human-rights concerns such as women's equality, the equality rights of gays and lesbians, and freedom of expression.
However, if we are going to ever get serious about religious freedom we need to consider freedom from religion just as seriously as we consider freedom of religion.

I know this may sound wacky to many of you.

I don't need any Mormons knocking on my door, Jehovah's Witnesses annoying the hell out of me, fundamentalist radical Islamists trying to kill me, or one of the many varieties of Christians trying to help me be saved according to their particular flavor.

I'm good. Really, in various dimensions.

I don't want a government making laws based on this or that religious inclination. I also seriously doubt we need our government telling other people how to behave in a religious manner. Can you imagine anything else that is so likely to offend the recipient?

Shut up! Your religion is yours. My religion is mine. We're both better off if we aren't pushing such views at each other.

You are probably annoyed now...

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