Monday, January 2, 2012

Power, Lies and Profit - Meet Honesty

Collectively, we're all in for it.

Governments are slowly claiming more and more power under the guise of needing to protect us from ourselves.

Corporations have learned that they can control government through lobbying, establishing think tanks and the subversion of journalism.

The people, divided, bicker about unimportant issues. Emotional levers are twisted and untold energy is put into issues that are basically non-consequential.

Out of all this we see a true revolutionary force stirring. It sure as hell isn't the Tea Party either.

The occupy movement, those vocal 99% that don't have the power to buy government, that have not been corrupted by power or access to it, that have not decided that lies are not an appropriate way to achieve your goals, they are mad.

We have a bit of a head on collision in the works.

You wouldn't think so with the current level of ridicule directed at the occupy protesters. Look at the drive by shooting this puppet levels at the protesters while supposedly decrying the Mayor of Calgary.

It's okay Ezra, don't take the protests seriously. I'm sure you don't recognize honest politics when you see it as it's obvious you've never seen it before. A lot of people seem to have trouble with recognizing an actual honest grass roots movement.

It leads one to suspect that most of the so-called grass roots movements out there have been manufactured. I guess these folks are so used to lies that they can't imagine occupy is real.

Stock up on popcorn folks...we've got an honest show on the way. Let's try to help it not get buried under power, lies and money if we can.

Have no idea what I'm talking about... wake up!

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