Sunday, January 8, 2012

Revamping the Election Process

There is a lot of talk about creating a better election process but I don't see many proposals. Here is one which would be simple, effective and cost neutral.

Here are the particulars:
  • We keep both a senate and a parliament but populate them differently.
  • Proportional representation is done by filling sets via selecting from election participants based on the percentage of votes in each riding.
    • For example, if party X won 10% of the national vote they'd fill 10% of the seats. They must fill those seats based on which candidates in party X won the highest percentage of votes in their own ridings.
  • We keep our current model intact as it is.
    • This implies that our current model of government is better than the senate. We can replace the patronage fossils in the senate with the results from our current election model.
  • Proportionally elected representatives reside in Parliament.
  • Traditionally elected representatives reside in Senate.
  • Both houses are repopulated as a result of each national election.
This proposal is very simple, does not create additional cost or complexity for the election process, and it provides a modern and fair proportional system of voter representation. This ensures that the voices heard in government reflect the voices of society -- which is really what we are told is the basis of democracy.

I know what you are thinking. How can not have already done this if such a simple and easy solution exists? Well, it would remove a lot of power from special interest groups.

Nobody likes to let go of power, do they.

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