Sunday, January 15, 2012

Building a Policy Platform

I obviously won't say that I've got a complete policy platform in place but I will suggest I've got a few good pieces of timber selected:
  • Legalize pot. Tax it. Reduce crime. Raise revenue and reduce expenses.
  • Ignore monarchy issue. We already brought home the constitution not too long ago.
  • Energy self-sufficiency. Huge economic benefit by spending our money on local energy.
  • Risk analysis. Free market corporations do this, so should we -- re: climate.
  • World engagement. We have interests in the world and good relations help achieve them.
  • Military readiness. It is important to have a capable military; less so to actually deploy it.
  • Government reform. Most important, root out economic influence on politicians.
I think that is enough to go on for. Obviously, how to achieve each of these issues can be argued but in concept none of them should be too problematic for Canadians. I can imagine that foreign interests might prefer we pursue other paths.

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