Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Electoral Reform: Recalling an MP

In a fit of pique I was searching for the concept of recalling the government or at least an MP.

I found an article discussing this concept and how it might strengthen our democracy. Giving it a read I realized it seems like a very good idea. For example, when a member crosses the floor, it might very well be a time for the constituents to get upset and force the MP to come back to the riding and convince them why they should not issue a recall.
The Recall of Elected Members
This article explains the recall idea, looks at how it has been used in other countries, outlines how it would might work in Canada and offers some suggestions about what difference recall would make to Canadian politics. This article, based on research done for the Lortie Commission on Electoral Reform is an edited version of a presentation to the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs on March 15, 1994.
I hope you read the full article. Combining a recall option, senate reform, and some type of proportional representation might make a lot of sense. I wonder if a party could run on a democratic reform platform and get traction?

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