Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tory Malfeasance Review

I haven't spent all that much time collecting links but already this is starting to get impressive. Here's a short trip down memory lane:

Tory Malfeasance Articles

Friends... The Harper Government, Ethical Oil..., Desmogblog, 2012-01-20
Lunch with the RCMP? Speak to the Minister, Globe and Mail, 2012-01-19
Deputy Director of Climate Change, Canada II, 2012-01-03
Why MacKay's Helicopter Ride Touches..., Globe and Mail, 2011-12-02
Email's Contradict MacKay's Explanation..., Globe and Mail, 2011-12-01
Harper Government Falls... Found in Contempt, Globe and Mail 2011-03-25
The Harper Government's Tipping Point, Globe and Mail, 2011-03-08
Former Tory MPs Speak Out..., Globe and Mail, 2011-03-04
Court Quashes Decision Tories Hailed..., Globe and Mail, 2011-03-01
Ezra Levant Ordered To Pay $25000...,, 2010-11-24
Vigna v. Levant 2010 ONSC 6308 [PDF], Superior Court of Justice, 2010-11-18
Soros Threatening To Sue Sun Media, Globe and Mail, 2010-09-17
Financier Boasted of His Ties to Bikers, The Star, 2010-04-10
Jaffer's Drunk Driving Charges Dropped, CBC, 2010-03-10
Tories Bristle When Asked to Explain Jaffer's..., Globe and Mail, 2010-03-09
PM Shuts Down Parliament until March, CBC, 2009-12-30
Drug, Drunk Driving Charges Dropped, The Star, 2010-09-09
Jaffer Facing Drug, DUI Charges, Globe and Mail, 2009-09-16
Altered Ad Invoice Began Tory Troubles, The Star, 2008-04-22
Mounties Search Tory Headquarters, CBC, 2008-04-15

Oilsands Articles

Friends... The Harper Government, Ethical Oil..., Desmogblog, 2012-01-20
Unethical Oil: Questions of Fraud?, Canada II, 2012-01-16
Ethical Oil Political Connections, Part 1..., Deep Climate, 2012-01-13
Cozy Ties: Astroturf 'Ethical Oil' and Conservative..., Desmogblog, 2012-01-13
Ethical Oil: Domestic Puppets, Canada II, 2012-01-13
The Real Foreign Interests in the Oilsands, Ottawa Citizen, 2012-01-12
Sierra Club vs Ethical Oil (full), CBC Power and Politics, 2012-01-12
Northern Gateway Debate a Tale of Two Provinces, Vancouver Sun, 2012-01-09
Environmentalists Hit Back Over Pipeline Hearings, The Star, 2012-01-09
Radicals Working Against Oilsands, Ottawa Says, Globe and Mail, 2012-01-09
An Open Letter from Joe Oliver, Natural Resources Canada, 2012-01-09
Unethical Oil and its Canadian Friends, Vancouver Observer, 2012-01-08
China's Oil Sands Deal Will Have Lasting Impact, Globe and Mail, 2012-01-04
The Brilliance of Ethical Oil, Canada II, 2011-12-31
Oilsands PR Battle Goes After Chaquita Bananas, The Star, 2011-12-19

Over time I hope to collect loads of information pointing out the ridiculous nature of the Harper government and their hypocritical actions.  For now, this is accumulating on the initiatives page of this blog.

However, keep in mind, whining about Tory bad behavior has not lead to election success so far!

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