Friday, January 6, 2012

Gov't Ties to Ethical Oil / Our Decision Apparent

If you can't see the connection you are being willfully blind:
‘Foreign money’ could gum up pipeline approval, Harper warns
“Growing concern has been expressed to me about the use of foreign money to really overload the public consultation phase of regulatory hearings just for the purpose of slowing down the process,” the Prime Minister told reporters Friday in Edmonton. “This is something that is not good for the Canadian economy and the government of Canada will be taking a close look at how we can ensure that our regulatory processes are effective and deliver decisions in a reasonable amount of time.”
And this folks is how representative government gets put aside. A propaganda arm stirs up a fake controversy and gives the government an excuse to take draconian action if they find that there is a lot of public opposition.

Seriously, is there any idiot out there who can't see how this game is played?

Never mind all the foreign interests funding the process of getting access to our oil and the foreign interests that stand to profit by exploiting our oil. You do know that PetroChina is one of the key players in this process? You do know that China has a lot of ethics and environmental problems?

This is transparent as can be. Wake up.

If you want to see what foreign influence is check out this newspaper article. While I'm happy to see some journalism on the topic I'd like to find out where the money is flowing. Canada's policies have taken an about face and we are selling our souls to China -- who's been bought and who's turning a blind eye.  The cast of characters is not that big...

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